Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Michelle Obama now vs. Hillary Clinton circa 1992. Similarities are a bit surprising

Is it just me, or are there a number of similarities between Hillary Clinton circa 1992 and Michelle Obama now. Not many people would think there are lot of similarities, but after hearing Michelle speak at the Oprah/Obama/Stevie Wonder rally at UCLA, my opinion was changed. Michelle is fiercely passionate and a defender of her husband, as was Hillary in 1992. Michelle is also a fierce feminist and a bit edgy, so edgy that the Obama campaign has carefully molded her image. Hillary had the same issues when she burst on the scene in 1992. First, they are both Ivy League law grads, Michelle went to Harvard and Princeton (my grad school alma mater) and Hillary went to Wellesley and Yale Law school(my undergrad alma mater). They were both in their mid 40's when their husband ran for President. They are both as articulate and intelligent as their husband. Obama even commented that if he was running against his wife, she would beat him "without much difficulty". Bill Clinton already admits the strengths Hillary has over him. People have even commented that Michelle could run for Senate from Illinois herself if Barack won. They both represented change at a time of political stagnation. When Bill Clinton ran, he was the first Boomer Generation, Obama represents the first Post-Baby Boomer. I would love to know your thoughts.

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